Jamal WindfallGold Balls
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015 3:18:43 PM
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Monday, December 21, 2015 7:36:17 PM
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Gray matter, kinda figured out days after, "...if the money still here, what the fuck was he after?" Leaning on the wall, foot on a ball, rap book open, "that's Hooplife Jamal". I'mma take me a loss, buy something cold, Hall's drop cough. Get it? The top chopped off, just like my box when Fresh Prince went off. I'm here until they pick me off and my plans come out like the movie Saw. Hand me a blunt snitch hold the soft, unless we with caves then it's different laws. Jamal. Jam. Jame, grandma said Jamar. Either way, left jay, was all day, Gold Balls.
Remember when he steady balled? Remember when he attacked the rim all you saw was some gold balls?

Now the Nets is herringbone, the floor look like a chain and I'm degree'd up rap name 2 Jame. But I aint going to Jacob I'm going to Hugh Hefner, to get me two blondes instead of a necklace. But I anit even in that headspace my shrink told me, give wack emcees the gasface you the big homie. Since age nine the rhyme been asinine so my lines blow their mind every time. They try new designs come to find, I did that 89 through 95. F yall thought this Javid Hasselhoff, verse dive off the track and somersault. Shirt soft cloth, herb two and off. Remember when I steady balled? Remember when I attacked the rim? All you saw was my gold balls?
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Outlaws welcome Jamal windfall and his "gold balls"

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