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Friday, January 29, 2016 7:22:40 AM
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Friday, January 29, 2016 7:23:27 AM
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I was hooking up a wire
when suddenly
the tang of fate crawled up my ankle
from there it went right on
and now I'm preparing the suitcase
of hers and mine
way away...

I was falling for the bait
of advertisement comparing her rank to B. Palvin
thriving is what the others do,
I like it that you wanna be here
down with me here
down with me, down with me

And as I get there, there's a lot of things to say.
But the "what if", the "what if" i can't stand!

I let somebody in
peel it - somebody on,
I . wake . me . it's like 0 five o' clock.
I lay it to be let on
I have adams to be off,
I like breaking open cops,
I want you're honest decision
I want this promise seed dire
Hey , I won't bother...
Ey, I mend me up for
the day.. another way... on the bot myself...
I believe in calm.. A sad day.. to wake up ey ey ey
Song Comments

How do people make unusual songs like this with imaginative lyrics and hysterical performance. Between the highs and lows I'm really confused about where I am with this - in limbo maybe!

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