Father TimeOver The Hump
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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ERA Radio Desperado


I'm not gonna wait
Not gonna take my time
I'm gonna make my move
Don't care if it's late for me
(I've been tryin' forever to turn it around
but it never gets better)
I'm gonna see it through
I'm gonna do it right
I know I've had all day
But hey, I still have all night
Stay up ?
I might

if I can only make it over the hump
finally get my ass past the middle of the week
I know I'll buy my ticket to the point of no return
Yeah, for free

Sure you're gonna flinch
Hey, you've gotta stay aware
but ya gotta move it on
and you better not care too much
(I've been wonderin' about you
and the things that you worry too much about, anyway)
You gotta let it flow
yeah, if you wanna fly
Don't care who even knows
Don't care if the timing is right
but you know
it's right

but first we've gotta make it over the hump
get our sorry selves past the middle of the week
navigate this ship to the world where we belong
Yeah, you'll see

Today's a better day
That's if you catch your breath
from years of getting by
Guess it's not over yet for us
(No, it's safer to say
that we're way past the end of our rope, and a day)
Gotta get in better shape
so we can catch our stride
We're talkin' Great Escape
without anywhere left to run
Let's go
have fun

I know we're gonna make it over the hump
finally flip the bird to the middle of the week
We're goin' to the place where the waiting days are gone
Yeah, it's no dream
Over the hump
Slam the door cause we are gonna make it
Yeah, I can see the rainbow
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