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Saturday, June 11, 2016 7:00:49 AM
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016 1:47:48 PM
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' Whatever Happens ' is a song to empower those with loads of tonygirlpower who's world has collapsed and they need to re-build.
So, if you lost your love, your job or something you thought was essential for your well-being but want to heal and move on, this is for you! Let's scrub the pain away with the riff of the song! And if you got bullies and haters around you, this is good for that situation too.

Lyrics, vocals, composing, arranging, producing and harassing the mixing process with ideas: TonyGirl
Composed and arranged also by the mystery man: M. Airikka
Arranged, mixed, mastered and played by: Tomi Korhonen at Rock Above Studio.

TonyGirl lost something or maybe it was someone but later discovered it was a good thing a grew a bit. Although every time this happens you'll have to do the job all over again and go through all the verses of the song from the top before you can say WHATEVAAA!!!
Step 1:
All was gone. I had to re-build my world. No-one there. I had to answer to myself.
but when I think back – it was best for me
I may want something – I don't really need.

Chorus: Whatever happens it's for the best. Whatever happens it's for the best. Whatever happens, whatever. Whatever happens it's for the best.

Step 2:
All alone. Sick and tired of this world. No-one came. No-one answered to my pain. But when I think back – it was best for me
I may believe – something that ain't real!

Chorus: Whatever happens it's for the best...

AND FINALLY, step 3:

Today I'm strong. Living in my new world. Need no-one. The needed answers are found.
And when I look back, I finally see: The person I've become, I'm loving it!

Chorus: Whatever happens it's for the best...

Let haters hate, never hesitate. Just be yourself, never be afraid.

All the scars, all the tears are a part of me, I am free. I'm not scared I will survive.
I can always re-build my life.

Chorus: Whatever Happens it's for the best...

( If you want to quote these lyrics please remember to mention TonyGirl, thank you. )
Song Comments

Over The Moon
Great debut on IMP - reminded me a bit of B52s. Welcome to Over The Moon!

Eve's Branching Out
the perfect song to be the first one on my new station! It's driving, it could be my new theme song in life! TonyGirl is just great!!

This Just In
Great driving track, post-punk and 90s influences, delivered with energy, well-played and sung.

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