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Tuesday, July 12, 2016 1:59:35 PM
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016 2:00:57 PM
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Well I did just like you said Ma
I did everything you said
Got that hair cut off my head
Changed my ways and stayed in school
Graduated first among all the other fools

But on my way to the American Dream
Something went a might askew
And now I see things are rarely what they seem
I don't know, I just don't know

Bucket o' piss, bucket o' piss
How'd it ever come to this?
Because it's not so novel
I live in a hovel with a bucket o' piss

Well I thought I was a person
Till they lined me up and said
Here's a number for your head
Where's today's Winston Churchill
Who can see it even though
The papers tell you no

'Cause I'm out of luck and out of time
Out of give a goddamn too
Just a room, four walls, eight inches of window
With no view of the life we knew

Bucket o' piss, bucket o' piss
Trickles right down from the rich
'Cause I'm a face at the window
Swimmin' just like a minnow
In a bucket o' piss

Hey Lord now can you hear me?
Though the atheists say you're dead
I don't hear a word they said
If it isn't too much trouble
Let the light that Heaven's shone
Guide my wayward way back home

But each day goes by
Is the more I cry
On a street with no avenues
Hangin' by a thread hangin' from the end of the rope
Tie a bow?
Or just let go?

Bucket o' piss, bucket o' piss
It's an offer you can't resist
I walk a million miles
And collapse in style in a
Bucket o' piss

Bucket o' piss, bucket o' piss
Cross it off your shopping list
It's got a 3 year Warrantee
A Money-Back Guarantee
A bucket o' piss

It's got a 3 year Warrantee
A Money-Back Guarantee
A bucket o' piss

Copyright 2016 ~ American Lesley Jane
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RKR - Rhythm Kings Radio
Dancin' like nobody's watchin', this one is played with reckless abandon. Not for the faint of heart.

Apocalypse Radio
And now... your "Bucket O' Piss" is needed at The Apocalypse! -M-

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