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Sunday, July 17, 2016 9:37:37 PM
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Sunday, July 17, 2016 9:46:42 PM
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This Song I recently composed for an Indie Artist named "Brigitte Purdy" and was released on 7-11-16 Thanx for the listen...

Brigitte Purdy Vocals: R.D Shining B3 Organ: Donnell Spencer Jr Drums: David V Osti Piano,Guitars,Bass,Production.

Once I Was Lost and Lonely
Didn't have a love to share
Waiting for the night to take me
In the twilight of despair
When your hands they softly shook me
Swept the ashes from my day
And the me that wants to be me
Wants a chance to fly away.
Like a blues angel rushing for my light
like a blues angel rescue me tonight.

Walking along the water
Barefoot across the sand
Stumbled upon a treasure
In the heart of a gentle man
and he dried my eyes of sorrow
Swept the shadows from my day
And a thousand blue tomorrows
in the waves they washed away.
Call me, you can follow me around
Touch me, get my feet on the ground.

Once I was lost and lonely
Didn't have a love to share
Waiting for the night to take me
In the twilight...
Song Comments

This a terrific song, some spirited and amazing singing, so so good, sweet textures and harmonies that are way pro, and the guitar work that is so nicely placed with great touches, well executed nicely appointed for sure, also great piano chops that are ever so tasty good.organ part is just there, great percussion and rich bass, just A well written song that is way radio ready, its a winner.

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