Diane Wayne 'IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY', 'DUSK', are fresh and ready for your consideration and playlist, thank you!
WJU Please check out my new song Towers of Babylon? Thanx!
Susan Raven Hello - we have a new album out and have uploaded a song from it here at IAC!
Gary Revel They Slew The Dreamer - MLK Assassination Song is on iTunes
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These are songs over all genres that We feel are exceptional ..
Music is what makes the world easier to swallow, and as music lovers we felt we would share some of the songs we found here that we feel are exeptional ...
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Susan Raven
This is not my favorite Susan Raven song out there .. but I love her originality and her voice is very good ! added to station 9/8/2004 6:11:35 PM
Cosmic World Fusion 10
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One Last November
Very, very, Sexy Vocals ! not to mention the song is well done as well added to station 9/8/2004 6:13:17 PM
Alternative Acoustic Rock 10
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Steve Iannetti
Two Weeks
It is no secret the Steve is one of my favorite indie artists .. and I love this song by him ! added to station 9/8/2004 6:21:34 PM
Americana 10
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