William J Urmson New song up called New Mexico. Please check it out? Thanx amigos! WJU
WJU Alberto, please check out my new song Towers of Babylon? Thanx Bro!
DeCerbo/Carroll This one should go up. Pop/rock with an edge and a beat. "The Road To Utopia" from Carroll and Dane Conover (wrote Happy Boy for Beat Farmers). Give a listen!
Karl Sloan Hi, new tracks Anytime you call
Karl Sloan Hi. I have added new songs Four Winters and Losing you if you get a chance to give them a listen. Thanks.
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Horus8 & The Werewolves   They are a great band with a lot of salt .Peperonnis not allowed
Hugh Hamilton   He wants pizza but why ? The heart needs the blood presure but why take so much salt ? do some exercise and don´t eat lasagna with a lot of salt.
Alberto Martinez   He once lost a pen , he does not know what macrobiotic food means.
kamchatka   They eat exotic food with lots of herbs and spices and tabasco , the concept of high blood presure is chinese to them , they even buy bread.
2 Desert Potatoes   They´re the Pink Floyd of the potatoes , their prog rock is enchilada very hot but the nurses got to give them relaxing pills when they get into rythm and blues state. My grandma told me that.
Big Dogs That Talk   Big dogs talk ? I always hear them say guau guau uuurrf and things like that , they are spies of the animal world watching our high blood presure and reporting it to the cows.
Courtney Jones   Courtney , leave the salt and the tabasco. She´s a singer songwriter that gives high blood presure to humans and aliens and to your cousin Ken.
Eaglehead   Eaglehead , you´ve are the chosen one, the chief of the tribe but you can only eat burritos till your last day .   Johnny likes to watch the Eiffel tower in french postcards while he drinks lots of coffee with salt.
Feet   Feet uses middle ages´s poetry , the sonet about monkey poop is based in the legend of Kauriskus , a peasant that jumped for 45 years cause he got a stone in the shoe .
  Larree is a visionary of a salt world where top models are always playing with the hula hop.
Spank Momma   Isle of Ewe is salty , thank you.Milk is good for your bones , yes I know that this is out of topic but this is my station.
RAYKO LEÓN   Rayko loves the coconut yoghourt.
Pete Townshend  

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Leave that salt people !!!


High Blood Pressure
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It´s going up, 14´9 and higher !!!
Don´t eat salt !!
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Alberto Martinez
added to station 1/2/2007 6:08:45 AM
Miscellaneous 3222
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2 Desert Potatoes
You see , you don´t want to take notice but the potatoes are danger for the blood presure specially if you eat a thousand of them , no good for the stomach I tell you . We live in a modern society of people that only want cheese and no vegetables . Surgeon , give me a coca cola and cocoa , oh yes all that dangerous stuff for the nerves . added to station 1/12/2007 9:40:35 PM
Country Rock 3222
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sergius gregory
man of the year
added to station 1/20/2007 7:51:11 AM
Alternative 3222
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The Neo-Conservative Blues (Carroll/DeCerbo)
It´s not only the high blood pressure but those mad politicians obsessed with oil, they want all the oil and they eat salt too and don´t keep thier healthy diet or eat macrobiotic food , they are eating pizza all day and they get nervous and want to be neo con all the time , hey bros relax yourself in the congress.. added to station 1/28/2007 9:34:00 AM
Blues 3222
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The Small Party
Never What It Seems
Never what it seems ? Doctor Doctor get here quickly , I´m gettig nervous now cause nothing is waht it seems , this is the CIA motto .I saw that in an Al Pacino movie ! and bring the chocolate too but with no salt please ! added to station 1/28/2007 9:37:36 AM
Rock 3222
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Tom Lambert
Honky Tonk And Lovin'
That honky tonk people eat a lot of salt , don´t they know that this is no good for their health ? now they will have to drink a lot of water with sugar , nurse nurse give me my hour medicine !!! added to station 4/16/2007 10:59:29 PM
Country 3222
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Katie Naylor
Dream in Color
added to station 4/16/2007 11:00:46 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 3222
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Sha-ma-la-ma Shake-out (feat. Aven and Martinez)
Shamalama shakeout rocks!! added to station 8/13/2007 8:44:43 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 3222
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Alberto Martinez
Having fun today ( have a laugh )
hahahahaha added to station 9/29/2007 5:24:00 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 3222
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added to station 7/8/2008 7:49:56 PM
Space Rock 3222
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Western Civilization need more Hey ho than ever, in the middle ages the monks did not know about tutti frutti or ketchup.We are enjoying the progress of the technology that offer us new dimensional sound for the backbone. added to station 7/8/2008 7:59:09 PM
Space Rock 3222
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Alberto Martinez
A parody of many "rock the night" rock songs added to station 12/6/2008 9:31:51 AM
Alternative Modern Rock 3222
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Big Dogs That Talk
Agua Caliente
Agua Caliente like I , I´m latino passionate torero matador olé with high blood pressure , big dogs that talk are mucho falmenco sevilla , agua caliente can burn you , pretty girls are copacabana for my head, doctor doctor give a shower of agua fría cold -ay ay ay added to station 11/29/2006 7:44:35 PM
Americana 3222
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Peyote Picnic
I can not eat peyote cause it got salt and I have high blood pressure but I can drink coca cola a little, chuli pachuli and chacaras , hare krisna , doctor , let me go to the hospital I must test my blood pressure and please don´t make watch A TONIGHT SHOW.Cheese,i can eat that . added to station 11/29/2006 7:47:28 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 3222
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Monkey Poop
Modern life is so hard and they sing about monkey poop that is a form of relaxation ,piano and voice with hig blood pressure , nurse give me my nerve pills added to station 11/29/2006 7:27:47 PM
Comedy 3222
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