Karl Sloan Hi. Please give Ghost at Midnight a listen. Thanks, Karl.
Risro Anointed world - Temple of heaven! You are right!
Diane Wayne 'A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN', please consider for your playlist. Thank you! May God bless.
reverse Hello again! Two new reverse songs to listen to - 'Lonely Michael's Hungry Eyes' and 'Don't Take It!'. Very nice with many chords and stuff.
WJU Please check out my new song Towers of Babylon? Thanx!
John Tussey Thanks very much for including my music on your station! God bless you!
reverse Hey - meryy xmas from reverse (in case we forget closer to the time!).
reverse Or, merry, even.
pipandmerry new songs please consider adding thanks merry.
Petra Luna Hi .. I have just released my first contemporary Christian song called I LOVE YOU JESUS Please drop by and take a listen and consider adding it to your station .. I am a warrior for the abused ..thanks xxx
Dancinheart Recently I uploaded a new song called , HAVE A DANCING HEART, check it out
Stephen Phillips Please check out BURNING on my profile... Thank you
Mikayla Lee Please add my song "Might As Well Be Me"...thank you;)
SpiritEQ I would be homored to be on this station, for this is my life. -Rich
reverse Hello again! Due to a nasty computer error, our song 'Inert' has fallen off your nice station. If you'd care to re-instate it, we'd be delighted! Have a cool yule!
jim blachura I have written music to all but 20 Psalms my "Walk In The Light " is from Psalm 26 hope you like it enough to add!!!! Thanks for the listen. Jim
September Please consider adding one of my songs "Agape Love," "Sing Hallelujah" or "Hope for You." Thank you.
Gremislav Iako)))vich Please consider adding one of my songs: "Let's Draw Dicks" and/or "Disquietude" Thank you! I am a warrior for the downtrodden.
Ed Hollyfield If You are still on the air, Please consider adding my song "He Wlways HasTime For Me" to your playlist? God Bless
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Time With Christ
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Join me as we explore new Christian music from all over the world. And receive the blessing of hearing godly music with a godly message.
Music devoted to the proclamation of the gospel of Christ to the unsaved world. From Hip Hop to Jazz, whatever gives glory to God I will play it.
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Gary Scott
Oh Yeah
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Broken Wings
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