savage thanks for the add and the writeup - cheers
staggerlee yes, and wax rhapsodic you did...thanks muchly...stag
Karl Sloan Hi. Please give Beauty at high tide a listen. Thanks, Karl.
Dick whatever you smoked out of this "valcuplubgerpipe" must be some good shit! :)
William J Urmson New song up called New Mexico. Please check it out? Thanx amigo! WJU
eaglehead lubbadubbadubbadoowah :)
SILVERWOODSTUDIO your comments on GONDWANA are music to our ears! you rule OK?
Hugh So how's shooting going?? I've been prohibited from putting candles on my cake - it's getting hazardous...
Dick Aven thanx, my man!
Diane Wayne 'DUSK'
WJU Please check out my new song Towers of Babylon? Thanx!
remote(s) hello! just stopping by to ask you to come by and considering one of the tunes from our new release "words don't mean nothin'..." for inclusion. thanks!
Dick Aven You rock, Steve. Thanx, once again.
veenatai Please consider A jarA
Nice ta be here! Thanks for the killa wit in the review. -pHLeGm
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Dick Aven   Poet, philosopher, wit and all around renaissance cat.
Selon Recliner   Sultriocity from the other side of the world.
Steafán Hanvey   Phenomenal artist of Éire
Gina French   A gentlewoman, a scholar and overall good egg.
Mark Christopher   Piano ballad-y goodness from Central Cali.

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11 Songs that Merit Particular Attention
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Randy Newman
Harps and Angels
A musical treasure for whom I have immeasurable respect and regard. added to station 12/5/2008 5:14:09 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 4019
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Conversation Suicide
Kick Your Ass
Hack up the sputum and feel the catharsis as one man has his epiphany and the meaning of existence comes into sharp focus. Brings a tear to the eye. added to station 10/27/2008 8:37:45 PM
Hard Alternative 4019
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Walk to the edge of the cliff at 9:45 p.m. in the full moonlight, turn around, close your eyes, lean back, back, back until your feet lose contact with the ground and float right over your peril. Under's epononymous track is a perfect combination of lyric, tone and rhythm. Marvelous. added to station 8/24/2007 2:05:43 PM
Down Tempo 4019
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Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you...I'm a sucker for didgereedoo, but this is outstanding! The production on this tune is clear as a mountain spring beckoning you inward and onward into a sweeping instrumental panorama, that builds to a powerful rhythmic shift at the halfway mark. There isn't enough hyperbole to encompass the coolness of Gondwana. added to station 9/8/2007 4:51:06 PM
World Fusion 4019
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Memphis Rescue (with Toby Rhodes)
Ahhhh...dial for emergency services with this classic soul number. Great to hear folks still doing this sort of thing up right! added to station 10/27/2008 10:52:12 AM
R&B/Soul 4019
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Mark Christopher
I Still Believe
Settle into loungin' smoothiness with this scotchy tale of one man making a last stand to revive a love on it's last legs. added to station 2/2/2008 8:26:17 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 4019
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the Spectacles
Waste Heap
Although it doesn't explicitly say so, Waste Heap is my current patron song that captures the quintessential feeling of the love/hate relationship we here in Southern California have with our home. Infectious pop progression, They Might Be Giants-esque vocal, what more could you ask? Take a look through the Spectacles. added to station 8/22/2007 11:17:47 AM
Alternative Indie Rock 4019
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Sha-ma-la-ma Shake-out (feat. Aven and Martinez)
Nobel Laureates Eaglehead, Aven, and Martinez treat you, the listener, to their doctoral thesis in collaborative linguistics. added to station 8/22/2007 11:31:49 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 4019
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