DeCerbo/Carroll You're looking for weird, well, The Mighty D/C has got some weird in spades ... It Hurts might just do it, but also, well, Bake Sale ... but you be the judge.
srm Thanks, mightily for your incuding me in such an eclectic mix. You must be off your meds.
shank Supercool. Thx, Shank
Jilly Ooh, sorry I didn't know about the smile bit - I've got some beauts for that but they're no uploaded now, shame
stegor Great picture, Todd! Ewww...
Bernard FlergleBlorply griddlewobblingly great! Ta:)
DeCerbo/Carroll A really good listen from Carroll and Dane Conover (he wrote Happy Boy for the Beat Farmers ... now that is a weird song). THE ROAD TO UTOPIA. Give a listen, then a hollah!
Todd (Hop On Pop) Hey DeCerbo/Carroll -- the link is broke. I'd love to listen, but...
Todd (Hop On Pop) Never mind, I got it!!!
k'kingz An appropriate place for "Finally Cool". In good company too. Thanks!
reverse Hello. 'Your song 'I Wish I Was Friends With Some Lesbians' has just been added to BlergleFlorp station!' That's what it would say in our shout box if you put that song on here.
reverse So the comment above is like a mixture of the future, past and present all mixed together like some crazy time-travelling shout box phenomenon. Thanks!
Gx.Ix. Thanks for validating my weirdness and inflating my enormous ego. FYI... I haven't completely ignored the links you left on EETS.... time simply has not been on my side lately. Soon, though.... o)))
Jere Ha ! Thanks so much.
reverse Just popped in to wish you a happy new year!
Chandramoon Shadow Puppets is my weird song!
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Leo Lago   Amazing Brazilian stuff.
Nacho Valenciaga   Not only a damn good musician, but a gracious blogger, bringing attention to so many of us at the IAC.

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Weird, silly stuff. Station owner: Hop On Pop
Anything that is just out-and-out WEIRD, that makes me smile, I will add.
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The Happies
Thread Paper Girl
Not as insane as some of the other stuff on here, but silly and cool, nonetheless. Just kooky enough! added to station 5/7/2008 6:33:54 PM
60s tie dye rock 4618
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Kevin White
The Breakup Song
This is a pretty pissed-off song, Kevin! Reminds me of a cheery-sounding version of Tonio K.'s "H-A-T-R-E-D"' at least in the approach to the subject matter. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun being pissed off, though. Excellent tune, braw. I'm adding it to two stations. added to station 10/29/2008 7:27:15 PM
Pop 4618
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I Wish I Was Friends With Some Lesbians
You're right! It will say that in your shoutbox! But it also says that your song "I Wish I Was Friends With Some Lesbians" has been added to The Good Stuff Trois. This is a lot of fun and deserves to be added to both of these stations. Now, you have to add some more songs to IAC, so that I can keep enjoying your stuff. added to station 10/29/2008 7:35:24 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 4618
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Um... yeah. Every day should be Bananafishu Day. And pretty much everything that this station is about. added to station 9/19/2007 8:12:42 PM
Miscellaneous 4618
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the kozy king
Finally Cool
Irony will help get the wrinkles out of this station! added to station 11/13/2007 1:17:25 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 4618
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Hop On Pop
The Yummy Song
Yeah, but it fits added to station 11/20/2007 6:33:28 PM
Alternative 4618
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Shank Godley Butcher
Humanity (Bring Me Down)
Creepy and cool and odd and I dig it. added to station 9/24/2007 3:02:24 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 4618
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It Hurts (Wilbert Roget, II, and Tom Carroll
Poor, poor W. And a very good impression of the pres.! added to station 9/20/2007 12:01:56 PM
Comedy 4618
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