Mm. This is the cleverest idea and even though I 'got it' I still had to listen just in case :I got it wrong :)
raymond porter thanks my friend.
Mm Wow, you're so perceptive all right except the moviw was Jaws of course
Hugh I am reminded of the time you wrote that I WANT PIZZA is a protest song...meaning is in the eye of the
Diane Wayne 'DUSK' and more I hope you'll consider for your playlist. Thanks so much!
JAWZ Do some more sometime, it's such a funny idea
reverse We have stumbled into the wrong station by mistake. There was a long corridor and we opened the blue door. This was obviously a mistake. A woman's lips pouted through a hole in the wall. We kissed them with lust. It turned out to be our mother!!!
Mikayla Lee Please add my new single 'Might As Well Be Me' to your playlist.
anjuli Tis an honor to be amoungst the absurd
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What they want me to describe ?
This is a nice station, the train parts at 5:00 pm
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Cyndi Lauper
Money Changes Everything
added to station 7/8/2008 8:17:35 PM
acoustic pop 4683
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Alberto Martinez
A parody of many "rock the night" rock songs added to station 12/6/2008 9:31:52 AM
Alternative Modern Rock 4683
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Hugh Hamilton
I Want Pizza (Right NOW!)
When you hear those sounds in your stomach going PRRUUU PROOO GRRRU GRAAAAH , you know you´re hungry and this is a protest song cause we all want big pizzas 2345 feet long and to eat it in one hour . Some bicarbonate will be needed afterwards. Oh those were the days , when you ate pizzas wihtout going to the doctor. added to station 7/8/2008 8:05:43 PM
Rock 4683
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Western Civilization need more Hey ho than ever, in the middle ages the monks did not know about tutti frutti or ketchup.We are enjoying the progress of the technology that offer us new dimensional sound for the backbone. added to station 7/8/2008 7:59:09 PM
Space Rock 4683
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the houseplants
vanilla cafe
This song is about a father who wants to buy a robot for the kid but there are only hula hops at the store. Can the father build a robot with hula hops and some electronic tools ? How will he solve this deep phylosophical dilemma ? will he ring the NASA , CTU , NBC, CBS ? Only Nabokov have the answer . added to station 10/8/2007 7:48:16 PM
Modern Rock 4683
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Pete Townshend
Crashing By Design
This song is about the taste of candy bars and their influence in western culture . It´s a kind of sociological struggle that we go trough and there is certain amount of opression used by cabdury, quality street, mars, etc.. In this song Pete Townshed express the feeling of a human being who wants to eat healthy food in a modern world. added to station 10/8/2007 7:53:02 PM
Rock 4683
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