pipandmerry new songs please consider adding thanks merry.
reverse We all have small penises. Is this not a good reason to include one of our songs on your fab site??
Diane Wayne 'COLORED SKY', 'DUSK', 'IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY', 'A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN', MAKE A MOVE', eclectic, electric, and ready for your consideration. Thank you!
jivewhiteboy you should check out "2031" and "lost sensation"
WJU Please check out my new song Towers of Babylon? Thanx!
Plunkett New to IAC. Hope you can find the time to listen to our music and help us spreading the word. Cheers
TNT I'll be the rain maybe something you'd like amongst others.
My Blue Hemi Please Check Out Our Song Not Eq'd Or Leveled But Its A Simple Song About A Band Getting Together After four Yrs And Rediscovering Love For Music
Cowboy Mimes Hi, lvoing the unique music, feel free to come and check out our music.
Maeve Kelly Hi! Would be cool if you'd have a listen to my new song "Ordinary" - curious to see if you'll like it... Cheers, M
Carrie Wade Would you kindly consider my song "Broken Soldier"? Many thanks!
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The music that is here, is mostly here because it has meaning and substance. an important ingredient in music that is neglected in popular music today.

No nonsence Radio

Electronica vibes

Passion For Music

a very cool video -Sacred Insanity

six Excellent songs Radio


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Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself but talent instantly recognizes genius.
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effi shoshani
There Is No Greater Sadness
This song actually reaches inside of me. although I can't understand what she is saying. Definitely expresses sadness, that is sung from the heart beautifully. added to station 6/3/2006 5:40:25 AM
Ambient 471
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Maria Daines
not only is this song sung sincerely and beatifully done. it has great meaning. if we as humans can't respect fellow inhabitants of this earth, how are we gonna politically have harmony? surely if man is capable of such horrible acts, there is horrendous flaws in all humans. added to station 4/13/2006 5:42:28 AM
Alternative 471
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Scram Ram
This is a fantastic example of organic instruments combinded with electronica .. awesome song! added to station 10/13/2005 1:19:32 AM
Electronic 471
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well, this is rock in it's finest. great musicianship and harmonies, that are not synched unnaturally. Low's got it giong on.. added to station 10/31/2005 8:54:56 AM
Alternative Modern Rock 471
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Leland Thomas Faegre
Serengeti Serenade
as stated above: Leland can deliver feeling through sound beautifully. I feel like I am in the Serengeti while listening to this.. nice! added to station 12/17/2005 4:44:27 PM
African 471
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Will We B Given Time?
added to station 10/12/2005 11:11:55 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 471
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Sheryl Clapton
Then Just Me
added to station 2/18/2006 4:16:44 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 471
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The Odds
Big Mistake
added to station 9/10/2005 7:31:26 PM
Pop Rock 471
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Acoustic Son
She's looking East
added to station 9/29/2005 10:44:07 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 471
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