Mary Alice Oh What a GREAT station and I am so proud to be linked up with you here ! xoxo
Chris Pollard Fantastic station Welcoome to IAC :-}
bob rylett Love your station message, so important. Please give me a listen. I'm sure I will have something that may fit...thank you bob
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A Moment in Time
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'A Moment In Time'

August 4th 8pm

We will remember them...

It is with an intense sense of urgency that the Universe cries out for a plea of gentleness, and empathy for all living creatures. God created those who are voiceless, and defenseless for their own glory and for a far greater purpose than most humans can contemplate.



I implore everyone to offer to the Universe but "A Moment In Time", a moment of synchronous, silent, yet united reflection of prayer and meditation for those souls who love so unconditionally, and ask for nothing in return. For those souls who are truly the masters of spiritual evolution, yet suffer so universally, and with such torment, by the hands of the human animal. And, for those souls who have passed and have finally found eternal peace.

Let us, all together, harness the powerful energies that we all possess to change the tide for the "Innocents" forever. It only calls for:

"A Moment in Time"


Marijo Anne Gillis

© 2003

Welfare for Animals GLOBAL

"A not for profit political lobby and advocacy force reaching the world"

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Maria Daines
Rise Up - Make This Moment Last
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