Tom O'Brien Very groovy! Thanks for the add and the link!
farOutlaw I love lollies, trolleys and dollies! Thanks!
bryon -voodooheadguy thanks for adding the Sinners song. bryon at voodoohead productions. promo guy
Chandramoon Thanks so much for adding Full Circle - title track from my first album and means a lot to me!
steve april thanks for includin' "green rivers" and the commentary, au revoir for now...
Todd (Hop On Pop) Thanks so much for adding "We Made It To the Middle." And for the kind words!
konstantinos dilzas hi1vthis is my new song already top 10 at indie music people dance chartt! it woluld be a great pleasure to add tihs at your station! thank you!
steve april thanks for includin' "pamdora city", listenin' to "out on the country trail" noiw, a pleasure, cheers...
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Chandra Moon
Full Circle
A lovely pop track from Chandra, strong hooks and an easy feel. There are some excellent arrangement ideas in here as well added to station 5/27/2015 7:25:27 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 7327
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Unity, Represent Earth
Stoneman's songs hark back to the golden age of Funk and R&B. We're right down with that at Trip Poppies Radio! This song successfully combines a variety of classic Afro-American styles with an uplifting message of unity. The arrangements and the seamless segueing between styles is a strong feature of this song. It really is a showcase added to station 5/27/2015 7:52:03 AM
Dance 7327
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Steve April
Green Rivers
This is a great country/folk rock track from Steve. It starts gently and slowly as all rivers do, and then builds nicely into a very enjoyable groove. The instrumentation and vocals really get you flowing down that Green River added to station 5/27/2015 8:02:42 AM
alternative folk 7327
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Hop On Pop
We Made It To the Middle
This track features some lovely guitar work, insightful lyrics and laid back, easy going hooks. Enjoy added to station 5/27/2015 8:47:28 AM
Americana 7327
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Summer and the Sinners
You Don't know what love is
Well, this is a fantastic, smooth as caramel R&B track from Summer and the Sinners. The sound they have achieved here is as good as it gets, the guitar, the vocals, the groove and the playing are all world class, creating a listening experience that stands right up there with the greats of the genre. Think we're kidding? Have a listen! added to station 5/27/2015 11:36:38 AM
Blues 7327
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Steve April
Pandora City
Pandora City is a track with a simple premise, leaving the music to make you wonder 'what is Pandora City?' The agile and slightly discordant (at times) sax work, combined with the echoed vocals and jaunty tune and arrangement creates an atmosphere with just the right levels of familiar and strange. Wouldn't be out of place in a Twilight Zone episode added to station 3/19/2017 12:13:38 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 7327
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