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5 Reasons Why We Love Music: 1. Mood management This is rated people's most important reason for listening to music: making our good moods even better. It entertains us, relaxes us and sets the right emotional tone. Listening to music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. When we're in a bad mood, music can help us deal with it. When your mood is low, there is something cathartic about listening to sad music. Somehow it helps to know that you're not alone. We use music to relieve tension, express our feelings and escape the realities of everyday life. Music helps people get through this stressful and anxious time (e.g. Good et al., 2002). 2. Diversion/Distraction Also coming in at number two is diversion. Music relieves the boredom of the commute, or of a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's something to do when we don't know what else to do. Music is a distraction and this research done by Cassidy & MacDonald (2007) found that the most distracting type is depressing music. 3. Interpersonal relationships The fourth most important function of music is its social dimension. Music is a point of conversation. We listen to it while we're with other people and we talk to them about it. It's a way of making a connection. 4. Personal identity The type of music we like expresses something about ourselves. Even the broadest genres like rock, classical and blues begin to give us a picture of a person. We also seem to discover ourselves through music: it can teach is who we are and where we belong. Through music we can build up and project an image of ourselves. 5. To learn about others and the world Music tells us stories about other people and places and it gives us access to new experiences. Music can teach us how other people think and even suggest how we might live.


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Happy Rhodes
Happy Rhodes is an enigma. This is according to the Music Industry, which has never been able to pigeon-hole her into any category. Her music is otherworldly yet substantial and her 4-octave voice has a haunting familiarity to it. Most listeners find her work difficult to describe and yet she incites an almost unheard of devotion among her fans. She goes from Kate Bush highs to David Bowie lows and you find yourself being beckoned to follow her into her multilayered worlds added to station 1/26/2013 9:27:53 PM
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