Steve Ison Feel very honored to be the first song here..What a cool idea for a station too..Thanx :)
JW Steve, hearing your song probably inspired the Station
DIck Aven Thank you! ;)
Dave Gravis Thank you very much for including my song, and for the really nice comment! I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that the station owner is Jill. Thanks, Jill!
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Songwriters Appreciation Society
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Songs with a strong composing/writing element
Songs that a real songwriter produces probably won't sound like something you heard before

Songs that make it to this Station will demonstrate a creative, artistic element
I'll be listening out for chord structures, unique timing, phrasing and structure/progression

Thought will be given to the vocal presentation and things like harmonies and effects that grab a listeners attention

I will be forgiving to areas that fall short of perfect i.e. production, instrumentation, vocal accuracy, sound levels etc as long as I hear that an effort has been made to produce in the spirit of a good songwriter

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Francis Coldwater
Nowhere, USA
A good example of a true indie songwriter - ok it's not a fancy production but it has sincerity, originality, a great nostalgia story and so much potential. A song that has shifts in it that you find yourself looking forward to second and third time around. added to station 9/21/2015 10:22:23 AM
Indie Folk 7840
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Father Time
When the Bubble Bursts
Odd that I decided to select this song as an example of good songwriting from the many "Last Rock Hope" offerings at IMP. However, it's a sign of a good songwriter to be able to present the bare bones of a song and still manage to get through to the listener, no big production, no gimmicks, just a pure, honest, tuneful song with meaningful lyrics and a plaintive vocal. And, I'm sure this guy's bubble will never burst, there's probably a vintage FT Soaky in his bathroom. added to station 9/22/2015 5:12:34 AM
Ballad 7840
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J.D. Gravis
For Holding On To
A real songwriter's song this one, the lyrics talk about a box of old songs where hope still lingers on. Dave's music has always choked me up in a good, cleansing yet heart-warming way. He has this skill of reaching notes that mere mortals wouldn't attempt and those perfectly placed 'highs' are present in so many of his songs. There is almost a spiritual presence at times. He's no slouch on guitar either :) added to station 9/22/2015 5:37:08 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 7840
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Dead Bed Bad
Love Burns The Man
There's an instant connection when a song like this starts to play. You know you're going to enjoy it, you know you'll get something to savor, lyrically and musically. The smo"oooo"thness and presentation may give the impression that it took little effort to produce but any discerning songwriter or listener would appreciate there's certainly plenty of creative thought going on here. added to station 9/24/2015 5:42:39 AM
Alternative 7840
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