Two Silo Complex Thank you for the station and the add Cheers TSC Ken
Todd (Hop On Pop) Thanks so much for adding "The Yummy Song"! It is very much appreciated.
Psyches Muse ...Thank You! ...for having a station capable of holding such a "song" as that. Cool! -M-
silverwoodstudio Captain sir-we are happy to see Frank hanging around your place,
Bob Elliott Thank you greatly for the support!
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Hard Alternative

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What should I call this station anyway?
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by Captain Confusion
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Bob Elliott
Silver Hands
reminds me of the Silver Surfer. added to station 4/8/2016 12:13:41 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 7898
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Two Silo Complex
Lime Translucent Metal Mashup
I'm completely at a loss for words upon 2 words of this title. added to station 4/8/2016 12:14:41 PM
Alternative Modern Rock 7898
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Psyche's Muse
WTF is this guy talking about? added to station 4/8/2016 12:15:35 PM
Experimental AvanteGarde 7898
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Kiki Jo Kiki
Flowers in Daylight
Nothing like an artist with the same first and last name, how charming... or weird. added to station 4/8/2016 12:16:18 PM
Indie Pop 7898
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Hop On Pop
The Yummy Song
A perky song from a pop meistro or somethin' like that. added to station 4/8/2016 8:23:56 PM
Alternative 7898
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FRANK feat Leo
this song seems slinky, is that the term? Some cool bluesy playin' here. added to station 4/8/2016 8:48:25 PM
acoustic blues rock 7898
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