SOTW Winner Wk 1 is Hold me close by Nick de la Hoyde
SOTW Winner Wk 2 is Nowhere to be by Marc Maynon
Marc Maynon Thanks so much for this honor. I'm really happy you've been enjoying "Nowhere To Be". It's one of those songs that sort of wrote itself effortless when I wrote it a couple of years ago. I'm glad I was finally able to record it and share it.
SOTW Well deserved Marc
SOTW Winner Wk 3 someday by Sru
SOTW Winner Wk 4 is TolbertToz - Wall Prelude/The Wall
TolbertToz Thank You Winners Station for the great Review of The Wall!! Much appreciated! Interestingly Joy originally only shared the main demo of the song... later she revealed a more free form melody that became Part One of Prelude...
SOTW You should both be very proud - good luck with your future projects
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The Winners Station
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The Station that rewards outstanding songs and songwriters
This Station was originally meant to display one winning song a week following community participation but due to a seeming lack of interest I have decided to be judge and jury and select what I believe to be winning songs whenever they appear.
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Wall Prelude /The Wall
The song of the week this week is too immense to be ignored. They call it Art Rock and that's what it is. You have a kind of Rock Opera all in one quite long song but within that song the listener is totally entertained in a "What comes next ?" kind of way. I can imagine Annie Lennox tackling those vocals and one of the big 70s Rock giants performing at a live concert. This is an Armageddon of a performance, you feel the Earth opening up, exploding and disintegrating but you're left wondering "Is this really the end ?" I imagine that every artist at IMP would love to have a powerful epic song like this in their portfolio - well done TolbertToz added to station 2/19/2018 10:22:34 AM
Art Rock 8173
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This moving song has been unanimously chosen as International Song of the Week 4 - 11 Feb 2018. A slow and measured piece of music art with a captivating vocal presentation. Congratulations Sru added to station 2/13/2018 3:21:06 PM
Electronic 8173
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Marc Maynon
Nowhere To Be
Here is the weekly award winner 28th Jan - 4th Feb - and deservedly so. A beautiful rich sound, fresh and ringing out with many shades. On top of that the song is well sung and keeps the interest from beginning to end. Well done Marc added to station 2/5/2018 3:03:10 PM
Acoustic Ballad 8173
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Nick de la Hoyde
Hold Me Close
This song by Nick has been chosen as "Song of the Week" 22nd - 28th January. We think it has all the ingredients of modern Indie Pop music and we are impressed by the artist's biography and positive attitude towards making a successful musical career. We look forward to hearing more from Nick in the near future. added to station 1/31/2018 6:27:16 AM
Pop 8173
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