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A collaboration or independents from SAS Productions


Finders Keepers
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We're on a mission to FIND, KEEP and REVIEW lesser known songs. If you like our reviews please listen and let us know if you agree! A sister station to our "Song Adoption Society"
Maybe the only station you're on is your own, a friend's or your promoter's - we don't think that's good enough!
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fairy tales
Fairy tales and dreams
How sad that this song was virtually overlooked, just added to one Station in 2016 but no review, no words to explain why a listener must experience its delicate beauty. Dreamy guitar led Folk, sung with such clarity. There's an incredible story to how the song came about after a series of dreams of a wolf visiting prior to the writer's Father passing away. Magical, intriguing, pure and rare... we are so glad we found this and we plan to keep it safe. added to station 8/10/2018 2:23:52 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8256
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Dominic G. Joutsen
Let Me Share
We know there are a bunch of Classical Music and Show-tune lovers who would enjoy this dynamic extravaganza of a song. The full symphonic deal from a very experienced musician (read the bio) Then an intense, powerful vocal. IMP should be honored to have this quality of material on file, and the artist should be rewarded for sharing it with us. Dare to share and let's have more culture on this site. added to station 8/10/2018 3:06:28 PM
Classical Pop 8256
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Gary and Linda Sclafani
Next Step
We love a duo, especially a Male/Female, Rock Pop duo with a great bass line and some interesting extras like the spoken asides and the sky-scraping lead solo. This is so well written and produced, how on Earth did it slip past ALL the Indie music lovers... Sorry Gary and Linda, we won't make the same mistake this time, we've found you and we'll keep you here in the hope that you'll pick up more fans at IMP added to station 8/10/2018 3:25:01 PM
Pop Rock 8256
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