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Father Time
Everybody's Into Their Own Thing
The PILOT flying this music rocket ship called IMP and he is the main dude. Batten down the hatches folks only the participants fly with him . This song says it all, people want to be noticed ,but too many dont give a crap about others or really care. The PILOT F T does, want onboard give some support. jump aboard if you have the courage to do so. FT is looking for not just passengers, but participants. added to station 4/26/2021 5:26:41 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8465
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The Kords USA
So Many Strings
Week number two brings us to Dave Walton who co - pilots co founded the original iacmusic way back ,still flying the groove and carrying the legacy here IndieMusicPeople with great sounds and fab playing. In the skies flying high. More to come with others who are a part of the foundation of this site. rock on Dave added to station 5/2/2021 2:24:56 PM
Mod and Britpop 8465
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