Pur Pale: Biography
Written by: Ryan ‘Tweak” Clark

We came from a background of obsession, we became the obsessed, every moment and chance we grew and understood the language and art of music and musical interpretation to creation.

Everyone we knew were always the types of people who would skip school or work to be the first in line for that amazing band that we all desperately needed to go see and experience. Everyone we knew were the first ones in line to purchase our favourite bands brand new album. Then everyone we knew all gathered around our stereos turned out all the lights, light our candles, closed our eyes and experienced that album for the very first time. The first listen was always the most serious and analytical by the 5th-7th listen we would already be figuring out the processes, structure’s and instrumentation’s within those albums. Basically every little detail about the music was analyzed and interpreted. Running our stereos through eq systems to pump or reduce frequencies to magnify small details within the music itself, we would reverse the music and fast forward to find secrets about that album which the engineers and artists always loved to throw into that final master mix. It was these details that we took out of the music which began manifesting Pur Pale into what it has become today musically. But it was through my own interpretation of life’s experiences that created the artistic backbone. Through all the self inflected abuse, lieing, selfishness, violence, suicides, drug abuse, non-believer of spirituality or god for lack of physical proof and everything that was The Negative within my own personal past aggravations of life I found the truth within all of these topics.

Pur Pale is the representation of a sterile mind "pur" meaning Pure and "Pale" meaning white (Pur White). Similar to that time when you couldn’t stop your eyes from un-focusing on that one little section of that wall, sucking yourself into a spacey trance of sterile numbness but yet utter comfortably and trust. Talking about topics and issues in which people tend to find uncomfortable, humiliating, terrifying or even things in which people find hard to express in fear of negative critism and judgment. Pur Pale is here to become a part of all our relative natures, we are here for one another to guide as a community of growth and understanding over our independent personal selves in order to better understand the world around us in order to obtain that selfless humanity, We analyze, interpret and communicate from every point of view in all contrasts from every angle.

We start each project with an independent purpose or topic of emotional relativity in which manifests itself from within our daily environments. By the end of the project we have turned that independent purpose of emotional relativity into a globalized feeling but never understanding of the topic itself. Our art is here in order to stimulate and relate to each individual listener in unique way. There is a personal message behind each song but what I find to be the most powerful is to find that relative message within yourself in order to better understand yourself or to obtain that relational experience from an outsider’s perspective of understanding.

"Everything is an influence around us it’s what we actually take in and make ours that lets us create what we tend to create."

"Art is not only a way of expression but it’s the evolution of structure and detail."

2008 Ryan "Tweak" Clark

La Mort dans L'Amour
This song plays on contrasts. I don't want to give away the song but alot of what pur pale does on this album is paly around with extreme contrast on several levels.

Electronic Rock

The Welcoming

Electronic Rock

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Pur Pale

4/16/2008 2:48:23 PM
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