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MROZINSKI was born to a working-class family on the Northside (Willlamsburg/Greenpoint), Brooklyn, New York.
At age 5, his Mom (may she rest in peace) bought him a $39 chord organ
and from this point MROZINSKI began teaching himself music.
At the age of 12, MROZINSKI became the Church Organist and Choir Director at St. Vincent's for the next 12 years.
While there, he was solicited to join a local band which led to gigs with Northside Brooklyn bands such as
Odin, South Side Panic and Incident.
A fortuitous meeting with refugees from MainMan and MROZINSKI's rockstar career began and flourished with gigs at
Max's Kansas City, CBGB, the Ritz, Studio 54 and countless New York and East Coast venues.
With major New York press and sold-out performances, MROZINSKI signed a deal with Emergency/Baby records
which led to a Top Ten hit in Italy with the punk/rock/disco anthem "Give It Up, Kid".
Long story short, since then, MROZINSKI has penned thousands of songs, soundtracks, web projects and concept suites, now reaching a global audience
Today, MROZINSKI MUSIC MINISTRIES brings a message of peace and possibilities.

Dream The Biggest Dreams (You Can)
"Dream The Biggest Dreams (You Can)" is a faith/hope/charity-based composition inspired by the challenge and calling to dream "God-sized" dreams. They do happen... Inspired by and dedicated to David Provençal


Why (Do You Ask Why)

Adult Contemporary

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Franck DORISTIL Nice to discover your music brother. I would be pleased to present you in my Podcast to our listeners. I appreciate your music and I think that God can use it to bless His Church. Best regards , Franck
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