You will find Seth’s roots in Custer, South Dakota. At the ripe age of sixteen, Seth was approached by his high school choir teacher to audition for a new music show opening that summer. After all three partners agreed, Seth, was hired to sing for, Hillbilly Heaven, for the summer months of the Black Hills’ tourist season. After the crowd reaction to his first performance, he knew immediately that he had found his niche in life and would pursue country music as a career.

At age nineteen, Seth moved to Las Vegas to start a band to better learn how to perform for live audiences. He would find that forming a band and keeping one together would be an entirely difficult task; unfortunately his first venture with a band was unsuccessful. Seth decided to seek other avenues of discovery and focus on his songwriting abilities, hoping that one day he would be “In the right place, at the right time.” Fueled by an undying desire to perform, he has never lost the drive to succeed. Over his years in Vegas, he has taken advantage of every opportunity he has had to sing. Many nights were spent at local jam sessions, some were performing in competitions, he has many times been asked to sit in and sing with bands playing in and around the city as well. Seth will say that one of the highlights of his performing days was a night a friend brought a special guest in to the club where Seth was performing to listen to him. It was Jeff Cook, the lead guitar/fiddle player for Alabama. Seth was honored when Jeff asked if he could come and sit in with him for awhile, he stayed all night. Always being appreciative of unforgettable moments in life, Seth took that experience and used it to add to the fire burning inside him, always knowing that one day he would have his turn on the stage, finally being able to entertain fans, always striving to please them.

Seth has been found in venues such as Gilley’s Las Vegas inside the Frontier Hotel Casino on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard and inside the Gold Coast Hotel Casino in December during the National Finals Rodeo. People have said that Seth “comes to life” while on the stage. Seth will say that he is “at his best behind a microphone and his guitar.” He is a natural and energetic performer that can only be appreciated while viewing his performances in person. He sings with emotion carried by a strong voice with an excellent range. His repertoire includes artists from Merle Haggard and Lefty Frizzell to Dwight Yoakam and Chris Ledoux.

His roots are deeply embedded to what country music is, story telling. He has always stayed true to them as well, preferring to sing what he knows to be traditional. He is as traditional as they come. The proof of this is in the style of his songwriting.
Seth has used many influences from life situations to draw inspiration from. Whether the song is a ballad, waltz, two-step, or blow the roof off swing, you can bet that Seth has one way or another lived that song before he wrote it. Having now well over 70 songs under his belt, you will be hard pressed to find one that isn’t country.

Biography update:
Seth just moved to Nashville to seek new avenues of pursuing his music. He has already appeared on the stages of The Second Fiddle, The Stage, Tootsie’s, The French Quarter, The Big River Grille, Rippy’s, The Trap, as well as performing with friend, Shelly Rann, at El Chico on Friday nights. In just a short time, Seth has begun to make a splash on the Nashville scene.
Seth’s album “Another Day In My Life” is now available for sale, look for it online at the website

Tied One On A Little Too Tight
pretty well self-explanatory


Everytime I Get On
Kind of a Chris Ledoux rodeo song. Good rockin' little number.


Hot Sands, Pina Coladas, and Caribbean Beer
Jimmy Buffet type island song, complete with steel drums

New Country

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