Teddy Larkin is the The Boston Wrangler, Lone Stranger and the Rebel without a drawl.... Started out playing the blues scene in the Boston area, and was kicked out for sounding too country, and for not playing enough Stevie Ray Vaughn requests. Nothing Rhymes with Massachusetts so he moved to Tennessee.....Teddy Larkin is a singer songwriter and Boston native who moved to Nashville in 2000. In the 80's and 90's he was a successful blues/rock drummer touring new england and overseas with famous national blues artist and local artists. In 1996 Teddy was named blues drummer of the year by the Boston Blues Society. He is also plays piano as well as guitar and was becoming more interested in songwriting so he moved to the music city in 2000 to persue songwriting. He has released 2 CD's since. You can see Teddy at most of the clubs singing his songs with his band Scary Wagon at most of the clubs including Americana tonight,The Douglas Corner, The 5 Spot as well as shows back in New England. Every now and then he may even hop behind the drums for Davis Raines and The Faders,Tim Carroll, Billy Nightshade & The Derelicts, The Hot Tamale Brass Band and House Amps. Robert K Oermann, ""the dean of Nashville's entertainment journalists"", who writes bi-weekly columns for Music Row magazine, called Takes One To Know One ""Garage Country with plenty of verve and energy"" in December 20th Music Row. Rick Bell, Country Standard Time
What will distinguish Larkin from the dozens of other singer-songwriters kicking around Nashville? As he admits in his song ""If Walls Could Talk,"" Larkin is an ""average Joe,"" yet he is able to relate attitudes and philosophies is well-told, tightly packed three-minute songs. Now that's something special.

The Storm

Alternative Indie Folk

Bluegrass Ridge

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

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Beth Fridinger

3/12/2008 7:37:01 PM
Hey Teddy, check out my cat song...it's a country tune!

Beth Fridinger

1/29/2008 8:17:10 PM
Wow, hi again!! It was good to see you at Sally O'Briens...

Beth Fridinger

11/15/2007 6:45:10 PM
Hi I saw you within the past year in Somerville. Good to see you here.



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Teddy Larkin