Black Letter Tattoo formed in early 2009 due to being held for ransom at gunpoint. You see, Natt (who became the drummer of Black Letter Tattoo) was out doing his usual freedom fighting, when Shayne lost control - as he does, being the rebellious protestor - and damaged property at radio stations in the vicinity of $1.3m! Consequently, the radio stations put out a hit on singer and frontman, Shayne Malone, due to his rebellion and his past antics in kicking down their doors and being a complete asshole, not to mention being abusive and too persistent - Shayne just wouldn't conform!

While in the process of being held at gunpoint, Shayne noticed the masked hitman had a tattoo of a black letter on his arm, thus giving him the novel idea for the band name. This impressed the masked hitman who then joined forces with Shayne and became the bass player known as Frazer. Since then he has had the tattoo surgically removed and his gun license revoked due to anger management issues.

The band is now a 3 piece with Shayne on vocals and guitar, Fraz on bass and Natt on drums. Black Letter Tattoo are a hard rock pop flavoured band taking on the world and it's governments as a coup in order to give back the rights and freedom to the people of the world - all the while having fun, putting on powerful energetic and crazy shows and playing music you can actually sing along to.

The music will infiltrate your mind, and you won't be able to forget, as at shows you are implanted with a chip that sits in the right side of your cranium continuously playing Black Letter Tattoo music - but you don't even realise this happens!



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