Getaway Car has arrived and it’s ready to burn rubber all over a cookie-cutter rock landscape. The three members, drawn together by a mutual love of pop music with a brain, cite artists like Elvis Costello, the Pretenders, Cheap Trick, and of course the Beatles as primary inspirations. These cats know from melody and they lay it on thick with no apologies.

The lead singer of this crew is Todd Wright. This guy sings about his life, which happens to be chock-full of romantic misfortune: ideal fodder for songs that scrape the soul and occasionally elicit a guilty chuckle. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll buy the record, enough said.

The lead guitar player is Matt Miceli . He graduated Summa Cum Loud from the academy of Hendrix, Brian May, and the Edge with each one playing an equal part in the amalgamate of rock that he brings. No living person has ever said that Matt sucks.

On the bass is Chris Reardon He executes this rock with apparent conviction and seems to believe in every note, except for the ones that he clams because of excessive leaping about the stage like a red-assed baboon. Crix also has a serious set of pipes on ‘im and when he and Todd kick the harmony vox, it’s tighter than security at a Michael Jackson slumber party.

So climb in to the Getaway Car. It’s good, it might even be great. But know two things: they drive fast and chicks dig it - that’s gotta count for something, I think.

All Time Low
The best "who pissed in my cheerios", Christmas song. If you've been alone on the holidays, you'll love this one!

Power Pop
h h

Big Time Lullabye
Beautiful song....too bad it's about a stalker.

Power Pop
h h

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