In an era where alternative rock music has become more about mainstream marketability rather than the underground principles it was founded on, Hamilton , Ontario based band Everything at Once ( E.A.O.) comes off as a breath of fresh air. Their self-titled debut album speaks of their grass roots hard work and determination to simply make honest rock music. EAO's ""do-it-yourself"" ethic is essentially what has propelled them to where they are now. Headed by Al (vocals) and Carl (guitar & vocals) Redmond, the brothers immigrated to Canada from Ireland and formed the band which is rounded out by Tim Lalonde (guitar & vocals), Stu Sisler (bass) and Scott McCurdy (drums). From the start the band made a promise to take advantage of every opportunity that came their way and which allowed them to expose their music to a wider audience. The band hit the road playing in underground rock venues and began to vigorously promote their music online to the hard Rock/Alternative music community. The community has taken notice and their music is now becoming heavily traded online. The band recorded their demo at EMAC recording Studios in London Ont, in 2004, and played as many shows as they possibly could. As a result, Linus Entertainment offered them a recording contract. The band signed with Linus in early 2005 and recorded their full-length album with Tom Treumuth and Dan Brodbeck handling production. Their debut CD was released in Canada nationwide on August 2nd, 2005. The band will be releasing an exclusive itunes ep early summer 2006,with the release of their full album to follow under KOCH Entertainment. EVERYTHING AT ONCE has graced the stage with acts like ""Trapt"" ""Three Days Grace"" Armed with their intense live show and undeniable sound, Everything At Once will be taking their show on the road this summer for radio promotion and are scheduled to play with Staind, Seether, Flyleaf and more.

Find My Own Place

Alternative Modern Rock

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