The last time Jeremy Enigk, the singer and songwriter for emo-core pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft, released a solo album, Hilary was testifying about Whitewater, Dolly was being cloned, and the Ramones were about to play their last gig.

It’s been awhile.

If World Waits has more rock and less chamber texture than its predecessor, they both share a timelessness in sound that has roots in Enigk’s lifelong love for The Beatles, The Who and vintage U2. Enigk co-produced World Waits with Josh Myers, who has arranged strings for artists ranging from indie songwriter Rosie Thomas to pop singer Mandy Moore. While Enigk primarily handled guitar and vocals on the album, he also contributed bass, drums and keyboards to various songs. Drummer Kaanan Tupper, bassist Nick Macri and guitarist Greg Saran round out the album’s primary players.

Been Here Before


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