Aly Cook

Aly is a woman with a petite frame and a huge voice. One of the great gifts her music

brings is its 'feel good effect'. The songs are inspirational and always lift her


spirits. Aly has found the 'art within the artist.' Her new material has a unique sound

and presents her as a strong modern woman. Aly sees herself as a 'songstress of the

baby boomers' whose audience can indeed identify with her.

A Singer/Songwriter who is one of New Zealand's best kept musical secrets. She has

an expressive voice, which is showcased by her well-crafted songs. Her style is a

crossover of Folk/Rock but has an obvious 'Pacific' influence.

A highlight of Aly's career - while working with pop duo DNE - was the playlisting of

her co-written song 'Be There' on MTVDance Europe in 2000. This track was also

nominated as Dance Video of the Year - in the 2001 Coke Juice TV Awards - and


on to be used in New Zealand TV shows 'Shortland Street' and 'Love Bites.'

Taking advantage of the growing Internet music industry, Aly has developed a huge

global following over the past five years. Thousands of paid downloads and CD sales

have established her as one of the biggest underground Adult Contemporary artists,

on the internet today. Aly's songs have held the number one position at such large

online music distributors as and at

Aly releases the first of her solo work October 2004 with her debut solo single....
'I Wonder'. Which is now being played by radio and the Video on NZ Television. Globally the track has been picked up by Voice of America and the video by regional TV stations in the US

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12/18/2011 2:29:25 PM

Hi Ally

Put up some songs for us and we will put them on our stations




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Chuck very very very nice!!
Kira Hi Aly, would you mind voting for "Natural High" today cuz it is our day in the Indie Song of the Year Competition. Would really aprpeciate it. :) Kira P.S. I like "I Wonder" ... very soulful.
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Aly Performed at the Halogaland Country Music Festival in Norway in 2007, Alys song GROW was a finalist in the 2007 MLT Songwriting awards at NZ's Gold Guitar Country Music Awards.

2008 Aly hasbeen performing with RUBY her 3 piece girl group..
12/18/2011 10:29:32 PM
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Aly Cook