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Christy Behan -
Drums; Backing Vocals; little bit of keyboards with Irish Rock band "Indian".


I've had this music virus for some time now, the best part of too many years and try as I might just can't shake it! The same can be said for my fellow inmates on this album, just can't shake them either!
Martin bud!, with lyrics only you can write, you've been true in your belief, wisdom and friendship (although there have been a few weird trails).
Joe..you are the goods, stay on the planet!

Having been sacked from numerous bands in the past, I finally found a group of guys who knew no better. They let me play, sing and fantasize!. Being involved with these gangsters has both enriched and aged my life, but I wouldn?t change a thing.

Aidan our life saviour, many thanks. Rob... you taught me a lot during those long hours at Mad Studios! You and me, Christmas Eve!; you're one mad mother! Patrick... glad you came out to play!

This album I hope you enjoy, the music I hope it makes you dream and the words... I hope they make you listen!. Enjoy and luv ye Ma!


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