The Coming of AgeMulti Colored Meltdown
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Cheryl Blossom
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I like temperamental girls, the way they burn when they turn red
I know how to ride them out and lead them down to my sweet bed
Sometimes I just push their buttons and I do not think it's cruel
to get their blood a boilin' some, I'll soothe them good and they'll be cool

My baby she does have a pretty colored meltdown
like rainbows in the fireplace, like fireworks in the sky
Some guys just cannot take a multi-colored meltdown
they like their girls oh bland and no abandon where they shine

I been known to rage like fuck, I'm legendary so they say
I'm miles ahead of any one who brings their ugly shit my way
Some people say I thrive on flames but really I'm just plum on fire
use the elements to broil my blood which tends to radiate, inspire

yes I often have a multi-colored breakdown
Iike drivin my Maserati past the old folks in Florida
some people just can't stand my multi-colored meltdowns
but they don't have to worry, it's not their brain it's mine mine mine

When I do my soul-seekin', slow wit doesn't appeal to me
I'll usually be gone real fast if there's no alertness I can see
Some folks they got the glow you know and others got left dry and dull
Baby don't you feed my fire, it threatens to engulf us all

Stand back and just behold my multi-colored meltdown
I'll take over the room - You never saw this storm
Watch me regenerate in my multi-colored meltdown
I am just a lightning rod gone way beyond the norm by and by
By and by
Bye Bye

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indie likenesses
the indie Elvis Costello

Cheryl Blossom
This is the first song I thought of when it comes to Cheryl, winner of best Hissy Fit and all.

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