Robot RavenChildren of the Universe
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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We came from stardust...

Robot Raven

Children of the Universe came from a simple thought - what if we could remember how we all lived our lives together before we were born. If we could, we'd realize that we are not at all different, but actually all the same. And just maybe, instead of creating terror, war and violence we could use our energy for peace, understanding and goodwill. We all once were stardust. Definitely the hippy song on the album.
Children of the Universe
Once there was a time we were stardust.
Once there was a time we weren’t here.
Spent our time in the heart of the divine.
Waiting for our chance to reappear.
The moment came – a breath of fresh air.
Starting our life with a birth.
A magic place to see, smell and taste.
Passenger on the planet earth.
We’re all children of the universe.
We all started out the same.
Treat this time like the gift that it is –
we all have so much more to gain.
Our garden is simply not as green.
The sky’s not as clearly blue.
Let’s make it better while we are here.
We have so much more to do.
(mid 8)
We’re just here for a hundred years.
Then return from whence we came.
We can make a difference on this sphere.
End all the suffering and the pain.
Peace should be a familiar friend.
It takes more than just a prayer.
Shouldn’t we strive to all get along?
Can’t we recall what we once shared?
Once there was a time...
(we were stardust)
repeat x
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