Robot RavenWhile the Gettin's Good
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM


Roy Orbison, eat your heart out...

Robot Raven

When the Getting's Good was a phrase that occurred to me one day describing the perfect time to leave a relationship. I had it on a scrap of paper for six months before thinking about the song lyrics. Splitting up is never a happy event - it's an emotional journey itself - but I truly believe there's a period of time you can do it with your heart and a time when it's too late and you're in it too deep.
While the Gettin’s Good
Didn’t get the hint -
never returned your call.
You want to see more of me
but I’ve put up my walls.
It’s me, not you – it may be true
we’re headed for a fall.
Not feelin’ it like I used to –
maybe nothing’s there at all.
While the gettin’s good.
While the gettin’s good.
Won’t fret – though I probably should.
While the gettin’s good.
While the gettin’s good.
Don’t look back – I wouldn’t if I could.
Gotta git while the gettin’s good.
You insist on holding on –
something that’s your dream.
Takes two to make the magic work –already
skimmed the cream.
Just one of us is not enough,
there’s no “I” in team.
Want love to be all fireworks,
not the boring old routine.
(mid 8)
Sometimes we grow apart,
no fault of our own.
Change is something to embrace -
seed’s already sown.
Different person standing here –
it’s just that I have grown.
So glad for what we had now –
the bird has flown...
(refrain) x
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