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cactus embrace
give me your cactus embrace let your thorns pierce my skin i dont mind a little bit of blood if it will get me closer to you

out here the sun kills only the old and young explorers who met their ends and made the reptiles all their friends

burn up a martyr scorch up a man who builds his castle on a mountain of sand here comes the wind gonna blow it right down guess ill go rule another dust bowl town

this desert needs no masterplan i suffer most by my own hand plants find the water or quickly die and i may be next if i dont try

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Best Punk.Emo/Ska

Scenes From Palacio
Dark,tremeloed open desert spaciousness and intrigue....The sinister heartland of mythic Americana...Listen to that bass! That tremeloed guitar!..The beautiful sense of menacing drama!..This song's a movie all to itself..

Nozonozo Knows
This exudes coolness

Steve Isons IAC Nominations 2006

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations

Tarantino should go ahead and sign this for his next movie. I like it!

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 19

A+ for Originality!
This song takes me somewhere. The only time I've ever embraced a cactus other than the band Soft Cactus. :)

Super Songs
Is this a super song or what. It reminds me of being in the desert with the Flash. I love songs that set an atmosphere and no song doe that better than this one. Give me your cactus embrace, let your thorns pierce my skin.

swampy like Veronica feels, sometimes..

Cheryl Blossom
she's sweet, she's ambitious, she's at times wicked. It's a package deal.

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