negative tendenciesThe Paranoids
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Acid Rain
really really good
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song written by Jonny V/Tim Wade/Kevin Schon/Father Time

Running down the pathway with MAGAs on every side the Paranoids are after me I 've got to run and hide
It all comes from the Ukraine the Hunter Biden scribes the paranoids blame crowdstrike and of course the deep state thrives

George Soros pays for everything he owns the NY Times, Pelosi is a humanoid they cover up her crimes
Alex Jones's truth got snuffed the liberal media lies, MSNBC and CNN are run by spies

If you got a load of bullshit, Devin Nunes will believe, Hillary and Adam Schiff do things you can't conceive
Satan is behind all this, he works with AOC, IlhaN OMar is Bin Laden's child, she is the enemy

Connive to take Trump down - coronavirus is all fake - the women's march was funded by some Hollywood snowflake
The FBI is sinister and Sandy Hook's a lie Clintons killed Jeff Epstein to of course railroad our guy

the socialists are taking over then they'll hire their sons
Illegals will be voting and they're gonna take our guns
The Steele Dossier was fraudulent I read it on Breitbart the whistle-blower must be found and stakes put in his heart

Disinformation government, gaslight - they all take turns, but Impeachment suffocates them, screaming til they burn x
Song Comments

really really good
really cool secret agent spy song!

Maestros of Pop and Rock
People don't say it often but that boy Scott can sing. and the band is just bonkers great.

hey, if you're into paranoia, this is the song for you, kudos...(it's true, it's true), the world is turning into a one dimensional political satire...china and the u.s. polarize the poles, and spread diseases...)(bob Dylan once said most political songs were boring and one dimensional) (depends how you tell it) the surf-y atmospherics, good beat, far right/far left viral media,, held up to the light, what a woild...

Surf it is, and so much more. Great Johnny Rivers style, killer drums & guitar, very cool vocs and a great political message!

Acid Rain
There's a lot to hear here, virtuosity is a given. The parts are original and hold your attention while the message slips into your consciousness. Play and replay, that's what we did.

the guy who heads up this group, well he is an outlaw, a bandit and escaped convict wanted for making too much good music , the establishment hates him with a passion, they have been after him for years, but he is a crafty sort and eludes them at all points. He is a rocker from way back in the day, the one , the only FT with his kick ass band the NEGATIVE TENDENCIES who keep churning out rocking good happening tunage, The Paranoids is a trip,an adventure, a retrolicious insane crazy joy ride rollicking and rocking with reckless abandon screaming down the highway of hell. I'd rather go on this trip with NEGTEN then on a cruise ship and suffer from COVID - 19. This raucous buzzsaw of a song is a stunningly fantastic journey to the twilight zone, perhaps the outer limits THE PARANOIDS is a Well crafted trip .kicking lyrics great singing, tasty guitar, wicked driving percussion ,dont be paranoid folks, jump in and listen to this joint, and smoke one too!!! hahaha

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