Carole KlassI Can't Win
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Thursday, March 16, 2023 4:17:06 PM
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Wednesday, March 22, 2023 1:52:52 PM
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Song about a relationship that can't be won

Carole Klass - vocals, songwriter
Stevie G. - bass
Jeff Gordon - rhythm guitar
Howard Streim - lead guitar
Russ Lange - drums
Jimmy Gross - sax

I Can’t Win
Lyrics: Carole Klass

Verse 1
I made up my mind last night, baby
That I just can't win
You've done mean things to me and
And that's how it's been
But you know I know you know I know
That I always give my chagrin
'Cause livin' without you
Whoah is worse than a sin,
I can't win

Verse 2
You knock on my door,
I let you in
And you look at me
With that little 'ole' grin
And you know I know you know,
I just can't say my chagrin
'Cause livin' without you.
Whoah whoah is worse than a sin...
I can't win

Gtr Solo 1

Verse 3
You don't love me
But I love you
And there's nothing, there’s nothing
there’s nothing
That I don't do
You bleed me but you need me
To my chagrin,
But livin' without you
Oooooh is worse that a sin
I just can't win

Gtr Solo 2

Verse 4
Leave me alone,
Don't telephone,
I pray
'Cause I really, I really, I really
I really don't I don’t want to stay
So I go on, but I can't stay gone
I just can’t win.

Verse 5
There's one thing that I know baby
You will never be true
But I can't, I can't I can't
Ever leave you, so I let you in,
I let you in, I let you in
To my chagrin, yeah
‘Cause livin’ without you
Is worse than a sin
I can't win

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Desperado Revue 2022 GK Contenders - 1
Contender for 2022 GK nomination - Blues

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