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Tuesday, February 6, 2024 7:26:20 AM
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Tuesday, February 6, 2024 8:25:33 AM
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Richard Scotti's Love Festival
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Wrote this one on electric guitar - I almost always write on acoustic - Different instruments affect different parts of my brain and make me write differently. This is a power pop song that might have been a hit around the 80's!

Written, produced, and performed by Tom O'Brien

Everyone makes love so complicated. I know I have had an extremely complicated love life. But it's really very simple. Love, real love, has no conditions.
It's just love
It's not so complicated
It's just love
It can't be overstated
It's just love
Just love
Just love
It's just love

What is it makes a joyful sound?
What is it makes the world go round?
What is the secret in your eyes?
I couldn't see it till the moon began to rise
Then in an instant
I could see through all disguise
That's when I knew it
Still it came as some surprise


Love is the food that we all need
If life is the flower, love is the seed
Love is the song that we all sing
Love is the bee without the sting
And when you're in it
There is nothing you can't do
Once you begin it
Then your lonely days are through


Don't be afraid of what you're feeling
Something inside your heart is stealing
The look in your eye is so revealing
You don't have to try - my head is reeling

(Chorus) x
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Desperado Revue 2024 GK Contenders - 6
Contender for 2024 GK nomination - Pop

Richard Scotti's Love Festival
Another gem from Tom Terrific!

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