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Tuesday, June 25, 2024 12:54:42 AM
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Tuesday, June 25, 2024 12:59:13 AM
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This is the first song on Parker's new album "The Way I Come Home" which can be streamed at all the regular streaming sites. This album was made with Thelonious Elliott and Bob Elliott

Written by Parker Elliott

Parker Elliott-voices and electric guitars
Thelonious Elliott Eurorack (Drums and synths)
Tom O'Brien-Acoustic guitar
Bob Elliott- Bass, synth, piano

I’m sat here talking to the man at the road
He says have you heard the news?
Today my only brother flew away to the moon
I said I never knew

He said I sold his only papers to the places that would take them
But I might still have a few
I said i don’t want to take them but I’ll read them if you’re asking me to
And he said...

He said you’ll break them if you buy them so I’ll tell you all the things he would do
My brother wanted silence so he made a wall of cloth in his room
But it didn’t stop the creaking so he’d know if anyone had come through

He loved the manzanita and the oranges he would feed them to you
But our father sold the cabin and it came with all the oranges too
It was always hard to reach him when he went out on the weekends with you x
Song Comments

Desperado Revue 2025 GK Contenders - 1
Contender for 2025 GK nomination - Alternative

This is wonderful! right off the start of the song this really grabbed me and I got drawn in immediately. strong lyrical content with a wonderful storyline, love the vocals ,right there, well positioned up front and clear. some cool guitar work dig that re-occurring rhythmic groove ,nice touches on the piano and tastefully positioned string section just there, neat little part with the musical interlude with the lead guitar. Great singing Parker and excellent song crafting too. well done. bryon the eye guy

RISING STAR- Voodoohead Productions
Parker drops a gem on IMPNATION music submissions and this one could be headed for featured songs and more then likely will be at the top of the list soon. I for one was knocked out with this tune, firstly the musicianship throughout is stellar, great production and well crafted lyrics along with the wonderful musical journey that Parker and his supporting cast provided. Parker is a rising star here and I feel he just may be able to break through at other music platforms with the kind of music he is bringing. Fantastic work Parker and look forward to more of your wonderful musical offerings bryon

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