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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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The little station that could.
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Verse 1
I’m just as blue as the ocean, on those Maui shores
And the sun sets down on me
And the water washes down my feet
And I’m content just sipping Anchor Steam
And just letting the world take me, but

I can’t live like this, anymore
Oh no, no, no
Oh no, no, no

Verse 2
I’ve gotta go back home, back to my misfortune
Back to my woman
Back to the blues
Back to the blues, oh
Oh, no, no, no


Verse 3
It’s kind of hard to write a song, when you’ve got the blues
I guess I was born to lose
What else have I got to choose?
Baby, baby, baby, baby
Come comfort me, cause

Chorus x 3
Song Comments

The Talent Searcher
I like people that after work take the guitar. This is very calm and slow blues but good .Rythm section and voice and there we go . Jarret Fenlon do his thing and he do it the way he likes and have fun with it.

Guitarasaurus Rex

Mellow. His vocals are good for male blues vocals. There is nothing terribly outstanding about this guy, but in the land of the internet, someone that doesn't suck gets my respect. Nicely done!

Hattie's Blues Basement
Nice mellow vocals, guitar and piano make you wanna lie down and feel the sun

The little station that could.
If Jarret and company kkep putting out songs like this one they won't be just playing open mics for long.

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