CyndieBroken Wings
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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This song is about Brokeness and how God uses our brokeness to help others. I picture myself flying with pasted, patched wings. This brokeness that has shaped my life is how I relate to others who are dealing with similar situations.

Copyright 02/13/07 by Cyndie Mace/FeeferAllie productions.
Larry Mace Production

I am a child of divorce. I know that is the norm these days. I'm not going into details but this song is exactly how living through that made me feel. That reality has colored so many of my self perceptions and my reactions to life. I know I am not alone in this. The only healing is through the love of Jesus Christ and his Father.
Broken Wings
Copyright 02/13/07 by Cyndie Mace/FeeferAllie productions.
Larry Mace Production

Teach me how to fly
On broken wings
Mend my shattered heart
And help it learn to sing
Make this barren life
A radiant, useful thing
Teach me how to fly
On broken wings

Vows were made
And then broken
What price was paid
For words unspoken
Shattered, broken lives
Confused, rejected souls
Pray that love survives
To fill the empty holes (Chorus1)

Lord only you
Can heal the pain love left behind
Lord only you
Can calm my fragile mind
I’m down on my knees
Begging for your strength
Far from your light
Struggling on these Broken Wings

Teach me how to fly
Through this raging storm
Show me rays of love
In a heart that’s cracked and worn
Bathe me in the strength
That only your light brings
Teach me how to fly
On these broken wings
Song Comments

Straight from the heart!

Angel ONE

New Age Inspirational
Broken Wings is a wonderful song, and Cyndie gives such a touching quality with her wonderful soaring vocals and excellent piano work. lovely work on the keys, with some fine percussion for support adds to the compositions quality. do admire the powerful effect the song has, very moving. lovely song

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