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The Blues Legend, Bobby Parker kicks out a great vocal and killer guitar licks. Terrific Horn Shots in this one too!

Bobby Parker, Song a day Music (BMI)

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Stik's Picks To Click
Damn cool real deal blues

The Talent Searcher
Bobby Parker , this Fast Train is in perfect state . it does the chucuchucu and the whistle is functioning doing Huu Huu. Great horns arrangement , lead guitar doing wonderful solos, piano playing the licks, amazing lead voice and a delight to blues fans .

Another Fine Mess
Cant go fast enough. Bobby is one of the greatest around

Blues Heaven

All you bird-dogs hop a freight Bobby Parkers the real deal.............GODFATHER

BOM Radio... The Blues Station
Bobby Parker continues to be one of the most exciting performers in modern blues.

Flying Fred´s Germany Indie Rock Show
My Roots I Love it great Blues track with the most authentic feel

Mystic Blues Radio
One of the Finest innovative guitar players in the world and also widely unknown in the Public is Bobby Parker who has influenced generations of Musicians in the Blues Rock and R n B genre, Check out his site at and see his credentials. special

The Real Deal Deep Blues
A modern great

DrMoves Blues
Cool Guitarist/Singer! DrMove has seen him perform numerous times...Always a great show!

Get Hip
Grooving kicking up the heels number by one of the most under-rated of all bluesman in the blues biz

Blues Music is Truth
hop on the train with bobby. it moves real fast

The Drive Home
Drive that Train bobby

Coffee, Tea, or Great Music?
Bobby Parker, right in my backyard! Love this tune.

voodoohead productions
Love the Bobby Parker Style and groove, what a voice. tripping hip sound with sparkling piano and horn shots and his signature style happening on the guitar, a voodoohead productions client from way back

The Originals
First was contacted by Bobby in a Phone call from Baltimore in 2005, he was recommended to be by his cousin Chet Chandler, he sent me newspaper articles from way back in the 50s and his latest cds, man can Bobby lay down the chops, grat blues guitarist and singer.Bobby's songs have been cover by Spencer Davis Group, Dr. Feelgood and Santana. I promoted Bobby with great success stateside, Canada and Europe, check out Bobby's music and read his Bio, he been around the block

DrMoves Blues
Now that's what I'm talking about!

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills
what a singer, what a horn and rhythm section, you could feel rock'n roll giving birth on this one, woo hoo, the train hurling' and spurlin' down the track, James brown and little Richard stylin'...

Blues Music is Truth
Drive that fast train bobby

Robert Lee "Bobby" Parker (August 31, 1937 – October 31, 2013) was an American blues-rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his 1961 song " Watch Your Step ", a single for the V-Tone record label which reached the Billboard Hot 100; the song was performed by, and influenced, the Beatles among others

Starchild Electra II
hip sound, blues with soul, singing and wailing away. hypnotized by this one! Starchild Electra is dancing

voodoohead productions
Bobby Phoned me up in 2005 after he found out I was promoting his cousin Memphis Gold, and sent me a load of news paper clippings and cds. man was I hooked, great singer and blues player, Opened for Santana numerous times and other big name blues and rock artists passed away about 5 -6 years ago. left behind a great legacy and catalog, lucky to work for him pitch his music all over the US Canada OZ and Europe

The Best Blues You've Never Heard

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