Stealing VenusAmmunition
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"Ammunition" is a rock roller coaster ride of emotions that we all take when we're involved with that 'so-called friend'.

reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

Merritt Hicks ~Vocals
Alisha Fraher ~Guitar/backing vocals
Mia Heldt ~Bass/Lyrics
Ricky Castro ~Guitar/backing vocals
Kevin Martin ~Drums

Produced and mixed by Chad Taylor.

Like a bullet to the heart, is the betrayal of someone close to you. The betrayal that disguises it's self with a smile and opens you to expose your deepest, darkest secrets and weaknesses, only to sting you with it later. Even then, it puts on the mask with the smile to hide it's true face and tries to go in again for another bite! "Ammunition" is about that same betrayal, anger, and deciding wheather or not to seek revenge. Sometimes, just saving yourself from the best revenge. That, and laying on your bed listening to your old Smiths albums. As they say, "there are no victims, only volunteers."
Kissing frogs and fairytales
Faces hidden by dark veils
Betcha think that I was one
of the chosen swine

While the girls played stupid games
and boys called them stupid names
I laid in bed playing "Girl Afraid"
for the hundredth time

Used for...Ammunition, in my eyes
Used for...Ammunition, in the tears I cried
Used for...Ammunition, my so-called friend
Used for...Ammunition

So don't just turn and retreat
as I'm floating down your street
I make no apologies
so shut your mouth, you're fine

All you played were stupid games
so he called you stupid names
I'd rather be the "Girl Afraid"
than one of your kind

It's just...Ammunition, in my eyes
It's just...Ammunition, in the tears I cried
It's just...Ammunition, my so-called friend
It's just...Ammunition

~No sugar and spice or anything nice
Pain for ambition and self sacrifice
The world isn't kind, your weakness they find

It's my...Ammunition, in my eyes
It's my...Ammunition, in the tears I cried
It's my...Ammunition, my so-called friend
It's my Ammunition.

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Copyright 2005 x
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