The Burning PrimitiveShe Loves No One
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reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

Song Comments

Just Good Music
Yes !! this is a great song !! Whoop!

Bang youR Head
Yes !! this is a great song !! Whoop!

Killer band! Alternative rock, similar to Breaking Benjamin.


Kick ass hard rock with a purpose and very well written/produced.

Killer Tunes

Huminuh's Harder Side Finds
Love the bass line in this one

Opiate69's Narcotic Lollipop
Cool, groov-y little tune in 6/8

This is a great Band ... Their sounds is so tight ...

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations
Hard Rock

Talented Musicians! Flat out sweet tunes!!!

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 8

Witt's Picks
Great rockin' tune, especially toward the end. Massive chorus!

SMASH deux
Smash says: Even though this song has been around for some time it deserves another go around for The Burning Primitive who hail from Denmark where the Gods of heavy metal reside these days, Scandanavia. It seems that that is where this type of music has been re-invented. First off this is a extremely well produced song. "She Loves No One" captures the essence of a quality heavy metal rock tune. Whoever got the ball rolling and penned this tune displays a very clever mind and way with words. Integrated with the clever lyrics is a well crafted composition. The INTRO The song begins with some intriquing guitar picking and a very cool bass line, This captures your attention and your expectations are that you better hold on before they power it out, and that is exactly what happens The Burning Primitive then pull out the heavy artillery and blast away with a well balanced attack of vocals, percussion and instrumentation. What I really enjoyed is how the song moves into some quiet moments here and there as the band transitions from those compelling power chords and vocals Their musicianship is stellar and I would certainly like to see more of their material up at IAC Smash says: give us more!

but Archie

Cheryl Blossom
sometimes life is too important for love.

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