Scully the PrickIn Case of Amsterdam
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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A song about someone at work daydreaming about all the other places he or she would rather be
I'm stuck insidethis garbage can
In a world of shadow peoplewith a suicide plan
High abovethis radar dome
Are starts that bubble like gray seafoam


South Malaysia will amaze ya where the Sultans eat Rojak
Maybe Macedonia but I heard they'll stone ya
In that case Amsterdam

Verse 2

This is whereI call my home
I killed Ohio and I called it Rome
I don't know whereI'll end up next
Maybe Boston but I can't afford the rent



Maybe I'll aim real highmaybe I'll touch the sky'
Maybe I'll aim real lowand end up where I was back to catatonic boredom


So I'm stuck inside-this garbage can
But I see a future for this wise old man
I know I'll dobetter than
Those glorified robots for the lookout man

Song Comments

Indie Extravaganza
One of the shortcomings of the new tiered membership is that an artist like Scully now only has one song... shame, cause he's really brilliant. Pony up dude, you said there's a lot more to come... bring it!!! You've got fans here anxious for more.

Cool track here by Scully the Prick - on WTOZ

Sonic Delights
a large sonic landscape here, his own creative style, engagin' vocal and guitarwork, storytellin', kudos...

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 216

Sunshine Smile..
Sweet rolling jazzy sunshiney pop song -with big trumpeteez on the neat chorus n cool retro bloozy lead sections plus ace BVs..Lots of energy,creativity,vitalitity n cool songwriting here

A+ for Originality!
Stuck inside this garbage can is a very damn original song.

just in case.

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