Father TimeBlameless
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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a homage to the Sex Pistols

backing band Rally, produced and mastered by David Latchaw

You're the supremo hypocrite
it's so easy to see
all the fucked up shit you pull
while you're pointin at me
Let me give you a hint
You may act innocent
but that routine is spent
cause what you said is not what you meant

How can you say you're blameless ?
How fucking shameless
You're the farthest thing from blameless
on the face of the earth and even worse

Your world is takin' dumps
on people who care
Now you're gonna take your lumps
What's fair is fair
I'm done with cuttin' slack
cause you're the one that's wacked
It's time your crap comes back
in your face - I'm gonna make it splat

How can you say you're blameless
I never saw such lameness
You're no more blameless
than Jeffrey Dahmer or the uni-bomber

I'm onto you
Your game is through

How do you like like it now ?
stuck out in the cold
Don't bother crawlin' back
this story is told
Let the next fool deal with you
I got better things to do
than giving lifeblood to
your big black hole - your empty soul

How can you say you're blameless
oh the insaneness
when you act like you're blameless
with your dummy face you're a mental case

How can you say you're blameless
I never saw such lameness
I'm the only one who's blameless
in this scenario - so shut your hole
I know what's true, and that's why I gotta blame you x
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The Johnny Rotten of indie

collab with Dave Latchaw and an asshole artist FT met named Rally.

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