negative tendenciesTake My Love
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Hi Ho Steverino
All Our Pretty Songs
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Radio Ready
Eve's Special Reserve
The Best of Time's
SMASH deux
Richard Scotti's Love Festival
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produced by Dave Latchaw

If you take my love
I should probably let you know that
it will always stay intact
If I take your love
you best be understandin'
that you might not get it back
If you just succumb
oh I think it's safe to say
that you will never be the same
If you take my love
you'll go about your life
one breath away from a world untame

it's still inside you
long before I plied you
Let desire landslide you
baby I will guide you

If you take my love
you will likely have a tendency
to use it on a rainy day
If I take your love
I won't be usin' kid gloves
I will take your livin soul away
If you give it up
don't ask me for it back
yeah absolutely what's mine is mine
If you take my love
you better hold it tight
cause I am gonna make you cross the line

It's your decision
or is it your mission ?
by your own volition
Seems your beast has risen

yeah you took my love
and you're wonderin how you got here
when you didn't seem to have a choice
Seems you took for granted
oh the seed I planted
now that orchid is your only voice

the air is humming
and your mind is numbing
can you hear the drumming
What are you becoming ?

When you take my love
it's a simple proposition
if you know how to let it flow
When I take your love
it might get complicated
if we don't put out the fire below
When your world transforms
as you step into my aura
you can listen without your ears
Just behold the sound of your heartbeat poundin'
and forget about all your fears

the moments racing
teelings you are facing
chemistry amazing
2 wild souls embracing

if you take my love (repeat)
Song Comments

All Our Pretty Songs
Could be an unreleased Led Zeppelin song! The drums are like When the Levee Breaks and it has a really cool riff running throughout.

indie likenesses
the lost Led Zep song

Hi Ho Steverino
Brings back "the days of my youth", get it. There saying it is Zeppelineque I and have to agree. A little heavier than most of my songs on my station, and it could use that!

Eve's Special Reserve
This is a big song.

The Best of Time's
the best hard rock song since Led Zep died.

yes, this is serious.

Great song, I been to a lot of concerts with such heavy rock icons like Led Zep, Deep Purple and Steppenwolf. This has some powerful riffages and big honking killer sounds, monster percussion, fat ripping bass, what sets this one apart from many hard rock tunes is the ripping shredding groove that is consistent throughout the song and it is held together very well with a tight high energy laden drive, that never lets up, good vocal and just a great rock tune that SMASHES. Love can be hard hitting too. tripping! Share the love, in its many forms. soft and gentle or ripping your face off thrashing

Richard Scotti's Love Festival
negative tendencies is doing some really positive work lately. Seems like they've found their stride!! Nice vocals and vocal effects - powerful instrumentation! Love comes in many forms.

Heavy Duty Monster Groove, that start is so damn catchy, riffages are insanely freak out good. the line if I take your love if you take my love are so reminiscent of a Robert Plant style with killer edgy grinding vocals, FT hits 60 home runs in one song here with his vocals,I like it a whole lot, those guitar parts and monster percussion is so amazing, my fav song of NEGTEN yo you mofus

eYe 3 previous I wonder picks of Bryon T
RAWK. oh yeah, the beast has been unleashed Probably one of NEGTENS best EVER TRACKS,the hook is infectious, this was how I remember ROCK LED ZEP style yup ripping track, with great hook, catchy all through, intense, great vocals , I know there are new ones and eYe will have to survey and check you out with the other new nuggets I have seen show up here in the last while

SMASH deux
Another kick ass killer tunage from NEGTEN some bigtime high fives 5 X with 4 stars plus more on this amazing ripping track. SMASH says: HOLY MOFU YOWSER

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