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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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A love song written in 2014.

Written by: Hailey J. Ward.
Produced by: Hailey J. Ward and Eric “Realistic” Goble.
Composed and arranged by: Hailey J. Ward.
Recorded by: Eric M. Goble. at The McKern Studio Complex, St. Paul, MN.
Mixed by: Eric M. Goble.
Assistant Engineer(s): Brent Cotter & Katherine Lundquist.
Piano performed by: Hailey J. Ward. Drums performed by: Dan May.
Guitar performed by: Trevor Ohlsen. Bass performed by: Joseph Barron.
Additional mixing by: Jalen Russel.
Mastered by: Morgan Sizer at Mozu Mastering, New Haven, CT

I asked you
Please, forget me
What I didn't say
Is that nothing I said
Meant anything that day

I was so smart
I knew what was best
I hid what I felt so well
That If i wanted you back
How could you tell?

Now I wanna find you and chase you back home
I wanna show you it was me who was wrong
It's you
I need you

You loved well
You had so much to give
I should have been there
I let you slip away
But I still care

And I wanna find you and chase you back home
I wanna show you it was me who was wrong
It's you
I need you

I'd drive all night long
Just to be by your side
If I hold it together
Would you hold me forever?
This isn't how it was s'posed to be
I know cuz you're not here and I can't breathe

Cuz I wanna love you and chase you back home
I'm here to show you it was me who was wrong
It's you
I need you x
Song Comments

Really well written modern emotive pop..Lovely voice,sweet empathic melodies-cool changes..Spaceboy likes this alot..

music is truth II
This has such a great message, so truth in music comes here,Music is Truth recognizing the Beauty of the message and the incredible voice of Hailey Ward,This is a well structured composition and compelling lyrics. and the piano player aint to shabby either,rich work, with lots of dynamics. "you" is so there. welcome to where truth lies deceit and lost love and true love and all those wonderful emotions we have, come to dwell, thanks for sharing

This Just In
Great performance and songwriting here.

Hailey brings it

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