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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Love and Disappointment
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a rolling, gothic lyrical landscape. This is the edited "video version".

written and performed by Arto Hietala.

This is my life story pretty much, huge ups and downs.
A midsummer pyre
throwing sparkles in the air
I saw the face beyond the pale
and raven black hair
Dancing in that smoky field
so effortless and sound
I heard the clash of the swords
as I prepared for battleground

I fought the temptation
but could not find the will
so I ran out in disgust
as there was nothing left to kill
I need to make the situation
abundantly clear
The ground may be covered in blood
But there's no dead in here

My black-hearted gypsy devil
The girl from the stars
Pierced my heart with arrows
then left me here to rot
Guess I could never learn to feel
if she was sane or not
If she was a queen or
just a face for a mugshot

So where can I go from here?
Who would take my call?
They're all reading too much to my songs
They analyze them all
But you would never go there
Why would you, my dear?
My hands are filled with scars and blood
But there's no dead in here

The bookshelf is empty
The wardrobe is gone
There's nothing in this house now
but some pictures she had drawn
About black eyes and bruises
Some torture and a kill
She always saw the funny side
I hope she sees it still

And I could use some of that now
'cause I don't think it's fair
that I'd hook up with souls gone by
but they don't want me there
The living stream toward me still
they see nothing to fear
Though this place stenches of rotten flesh
There's no dead in here

I see our silhouettes
They're tattooed on these walls
Like an old odour that won't go
when it's wanted here no more
We overstayed our welcome too
but how could we not
if it wasn't for the neighbours
we'd never had been caught

But those ten foot cells
never were for you or I
It never was our nature
to sit still and watch life go by
But if only I could silence these
strange whispers that I hear
Crimson is the colour of our love
But there's no dead in here

There's no dead in here
There's no dead in here
There's no dead in here x
Song Comments

Love and Disappointment
a serious song but I like it a lot. Nice lyrics.

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