Robot RavenSummertime
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Summertime - out at the beach and enjoying the rays. A little Hip Hop among the waves.

Having fun in the summertime
I got your back you got your money
Fall in love this summertime
You call your bitch, you call her Honey.
You’re the one don’t get left behind.
Think I’ll walk, the skies are sunny.
Having fun in the summertime.
You ride the bus, I think that’s funny.
Fun, it’s summertime summertime
We’ll have so much
Fun it’s summertime summertime
The fun just begun.
I feel so fine, sit back recline.
This ain’t no time to do no crime.
Some bar-b-q tasty honeydew,
throw it back with a few cold brews.
Out with my shoes to do flip flops.
Singin’ to tunes to my girl’s hip hop.
Dance and shake, just don’t stop.
I got to keep movin’ till I drop!
Go to the beach there’s sand in my toes.
The warm summer sun gets rid of my woes.
Out in the bay there’s wind for the sailin’,
but I like the land, cause I’m no Magellan.
I like the sand that builds me a castle.
Kick in my face, it’s a great big hassle.
Stay out of jail. No rays in lock up.
Time not to burn, sun block up.
At the park you make your mark.
There’s no time frown flip upside down.
I swear what you wear makes me stare,
I hear you laugh without a care.
Groove and sun, it’s almost done,
it’s summertime you just can’t run.
A summer martini, I’m feeling dreamy,
I’m ready for wishes from a princess genie.
Find me a stick and roast me some weenies.
Gawk at the bitches in the teeny bikinis.
Take the top down, blow through your hair
cruise uptown, to the fun fun fair.
Marshmallow chocolate, give me s’more,
me and my gent got no remorse.
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